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Remotely Open Typically Mon-Sat 8am - 8pm (Observing Covid Conditions * T&'cs)     Prices Start from £15 per hour Dependent upon Complexity, type of service purchased and Length of the Project / Assignment / Job.


SRV 1 - Digital Buddy & Coach

"We can help you in your ever evolving / or new Digital Journey in how to understand, enjoy your use of Digital Devices (More...)


SRV 4 - GDPR & Data Protection Adherence

"Are you or your company Marthering and Arthuring on how to deal / comply with GDPR, Data Protection legislation rules (More....) "


SRV 7 - Upgrades & IT Advice - All Digital Devices

"We are at Hand to help you and to give advice even if you don't own the "Gadget" Yet - whether it is a new device, used / second hand device or an Old Device..(MORE....)"


SRV 10 - Business Consultancy

"We can partner you in your process of working with you to review our current business operations processes and make recommendations to improve efficiency... (MORE)..."


SRV 2 - Installation & Optimisation of Digital Devices

"simply getting by / running the device and to get the most out of these then we can help you at any stage - No Job too big or too small (More...)"


SRV 5 - Anti-Virus,Malware Installation & Removal

"Are you in the unknown on how to update, install or config necessary tools needed to protect your PC / Laptops and Smart devices (More...)"


SRV 8 - Cyber Safety

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SRV 11 - Service 11 - Digital Imaginary Manipulation, Media Transfer & Restoration

"We can take any brief and series of provided images and turn this to your dream work off art using expertise of self taught Photography and Photoshop experts"


SRV 3 - Installation of Software & Apps...

​ "Are you in the unknown on how to Install Software Programs / Packages or Apps on your PC, Mobile, Tablet and Smart Device (More....)"


SRV 6 - Digital Scam Awareness and Managing Cyber Threats

"‘The Financial Cost of Fraud 2018’ estimates that the UK economy could be boosted by £44 billion annually if organisations step up efforts to tackle fraud and error. (More....)"


SRV 9 - Photography & Creative Designs

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SRV 12 - Marketing, Ads & Events Non / Digital (Digital & Non Digital)

"We can take any brief that you want and turn it into a vibrant Short, Medium or Long Digital AD Campaign / Story Line in any discipline and any subject matter (restrictions apply... ) (MORE...)"

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