Service 11 - Digital Imaginary Manipulation, Media Transfer & Restoration


Digital Imaginary & Manipulation - Brief


Our aim is "Everything you can imagine and your thoughts are real" merging your real life images together with our thoughts and ideas merging related, real-life images to create magical worlds straight from the artist’s imagination.

There is no job too big or to small for us to provide you with a unforgettable Digital experience.

We use editing tools such as stills: Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Illustrator and Publisher, DXO Photo 2 + for Movies: Movavi Editor to produce our content along with propriety Raw Editors from Panasonic, Canon, Sony, Nikon to improve the digital content experience to match the brief as much as possible.

We can produce the content out as single Images, bundled images, slideshow and Movie Content (MP4)

No Job too big or too small - send an email ascertaining your requires and we can deliver.

Sub Service - Media Transfer (No Job too big or too small ) - To USB Drive.

Examples: Video VHS, Audio TAPE, Still Format: 35mm processed Negative Slide, IBM 3.5" floppy transfer

We Provide expert service of transferring legacy Still Photo content including:-

  • 35mm Processed Negatives

  • 35mm Processed Slides

  • APS Processed Film - * To process the film the canister needs to be open and film cut into slices - therefore the original canister is broken.

Each Slide is scanned using an image tray and Nikon DSLR to scan in the image into the computer.      You have choice of image sizes from 24MP, 36mp up to 47 mp (sliding cost) along with extras such as Image sharpening (additional cost).       You also have extra option of images being restored (additional cost).    Output is saved on 2 duplicate USB sticks for ease of delivery of the Digital content.    

Sub Service - Media Transfer (Audio) Cassette, etc <TBC>

I can provide this extra service provided there is enough demand for this and the owner will have to own the copyright to the Audio Album / Single.        Aim of service is to transfer some of the tracks or all of the tracks and quality will depend on the condition of the tape itself.   Operation will be to transfer to MP3 files and to distribute these onto USB sticks.

Sub Service - Media Transfer (VHS ) Cassette, etc <TBC>

I can provide this extra service provided there is enough demand for this and the owner will have to own the copyright to the Video Film / TV series.     Aim of service is to transfer all of the videos / section of the videos (from VHS) to computer by a VHS player to Computer Digitiser and to save Video as MP4 Files (SD 720 x 576 or upscaled to HD 720p / 1080p) content.     The Mp4 files will be saved onto USB sticks.​​


Sub Service Digital Restoration (Still Images - No job too big or too small) Film to Digital.


Our quality photo restoration process incorporates comprehensive approach including experience, passion and (on occasion) research to give you a beautiful photo that you may have thought was beyond repair - to remove scratches, marks, water damage, smudges, tears missing part of the frames.

We can scan your images from Photographs, Film, 35mm, APS Slides (provided film has been processed) and we will look at each image in turn providing you with our analysis and a quote on the cost of restoring the images.

Note: Depending on the damage it may take additional time and effort to undertake the restoration and not all damage can be repaired / restored back to 100% - We can only do our best.

No Job too big or too small - send an email ascertaining your requires and we can deliver.

Little Girl - "Vintage" Faraway Effect Digital Scanned in (24mp) and Restoration removing Damaged from the original frame

Relevant Disclaimers / Important Information - In Additional To Above

·        Cost of Digital Imaginary Manipulation, Transfer and Restoration is costed on Hourly Basis, however smaller jobs that take less than one hour will be charged accordingly and agreed with the Client.

·        For Digital Restoration (Will at present be stills images - non Video) and price charged will be how long it takes to scan (at least 6 mp) and to restore image as best as we can - there may be occasions where we cannot remove every scratch / blemish in the altered image as we may not be able to clone good enough data from around the affected portion of the image.

·        We can scan and digitise photo slides (both processed negatives and slides such as 35mm Slides - Kodak ) and in addition we can perform Digital Restoration on these images - resolution will be at least 6 mp - however this can be time consuming.

·        We will not hold the altered media nor the source media - this will be up to you to store securely.

·        We assume that you own the source material and THAT YOU WILL NOT Pirate the electronic delivered content

·        We will deliver all content to USB Stick.

·        In agreeing to bring your digital content it is recommended that these are publicly acceptable and we reserve the right to reject the contract if media is banned / inappropriate including banned blood sports, violence, drug taking and sexually explicit content, underage content and in state of undress.


·        It is recommended that any content that you wish to be made private such as media on the device, on Social Media and Email to be kept

in private folders (away from public eyes) and encrypted

·        Any attachments that we provide will be sent to a trusted Email address, named Social media / ISP account or on an encrypted USB (* additional charges may be invoked) - in most cases DO NOT distribute any provided information on unless you have our and the original copyright approval from the author/s of article / software and any related electronic authored media.

Additional T &C's - if we provide Audio / VHS Transfer Service <TBC> - dependent upon demand

·        if there is enough demand - I should be able to Transfer Audio from legacy Tape cassette / LP to Electronic Format (MP3) provided - however please specify tracks / start - stop positions and conversion of media will take time as data can only be read sequentially (saved to USB Stick) 

·       If there is enough demand - I should be able to Transfer VHS (Commercial films & Tv series) to MP4 electronic Format and SD PAL Format (720 × 576 pixels) provided that content is original

·       If there is enough demand - I should be able to Camcorder footage on VHS & HD Tape to MP4 electronic format with Non HD saved to SD PAL Format (720 x 576) and HD footage (1080p Max)

For Replacement of DVD / BLU-Ray content with electronic versions of the media delivered it is advised that you secure an electronic license of the film from outlets such as Apple Itunes / Film, Amazon Prime, Netflixs Etc 

There will likely be delay in providing initial service to first customer/s as I would need to buy the Transfer equipment, e.g., VHS player, etc, cables, leads, digitizer and all neccessary transfer software.

Please Read T&C / Covid Restrictions

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Little Girl Vintage - After Digital Restoration - "Faraway Scanned in Effect" - Damage repaired.