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Are you stuck with the slow performance of your Smart Tech - PC/Mobiles and Smart Devices. ?


Do you fancy a device that is efficient and Responsive, or fancy seeing whether your Computer / Smart Device can be upgraded to improve your work flow and experience of Tech ?.


I am at Hand to help you and to give advice even if you don't own the "Gadget" Yet - whether it is a new device, used / second hand device or an Old Device....

Upgrade Issues / Advice on:-

Non Responsive  Apps / Packages


(Slow Running)- We can investigate the issue, recommend cause of action such as adding extra memory / optimising the O/S Windows, App system (IPhone / Android) to improve boot up time of packages / APPS, e.g., Microsoft Office 2013, 360, etc

Disk Space / Space Optimisation


Are you running out of space on your smart devices / PCs/Computers then we can help you out with recommendations on how to extend your storage - whether it is by additional hard disks / flash drives or buying / recommending Online services such as Dropbox for any requirement you have and for any budget.


Add On Service (USB)


Do you want to enjoy your Smart Device more or fed up with Current content like paying for BBC  Licence fee - then we can help you in making more life more enjoyable - by obtaining alternative TV / Video services and setting it up for you.

Old Tech - Fancy A new Upgrade - Have you an Old device like PC that you use / don't use but would like to ? , then we can look into your tech and recommend on whether it is worth upgrading it or buying a newer device (e.g., Smartphone / Tablet) that will bring you extra joy in using 

New Smart Tech


Fancy expanding your Smart devices at home, perhaps a new Camera / Camcorder, Smart Tablet, Smart Device such as Security Camera, Doorbell (regardless of your query, budget or question) then we can advice on the best choice of tech to add, help to install it and optimise it for you.


I can advise you in plain, straight forward non judgemental advice in seeking the best solution for your needs and single / multiple devices such as Smart Mobiles, IPOD, PC, Laptops and other smart devices..

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