Service 6 - Digital Scam Awareness and Managing Cyber Threats

Scam Awareness - Introduction

The latest research from national audit, tax and advisory firm Crowe Clark Whitehill, together with the University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Counter Fraud Studies (CCFS), reveals a national fraud pandemic totalling £110 billion a year. For context, that figure would build more than 110 Wembley Stadiums, or cover the annual budget for every single local authority in England combined. Put differently, the figure would cover the UK’s Brexit divorce bill almost three times over, or cover the salaries of 4.8 million nurses for a year.

‘The Financial Cost of Fraud 2018’ estimates that the UK economy could be boosted by £44 billion annually if organisations step up efforts to tackle fraud and error.

Globally, fraud is costing £3.24 trillion each year, a sum equal to the combined GDP of the UK and Italy, or enough to build more than 3,000 Wembley Stadiums.     In additional - An estimated £1.2bn is lost to investment fraud each year.

​What I Can Do ?

I can help you with spotting scams before it is too late, helping you to fill online forms / postal applications, PC / Mobile and Smart Devices issues and Scam awareness advice and training.


I am expert in helping you spot Spams made through:-

  • Postal

  • Door to Door Sales People

  • Telephone

  • Internet

  • You're acting on behalf of someone who's been scammed

Typical Scams I have expertise on advising and spotting include:-
*    Pension Scams

*    False advertising of a person reporting to be a Professional in a given field but is not who they reported to be.
*    Utility Scams
*    Bank Scams
*    Health Scams
*    Holiday / Time Share Scams
*    Investment Scams including Cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin)
*    Broadband Scams
*    ID / Spoofing Scams
*    Debt / Universal Credit Scams
*    UK GOV Scams reporting to be from UK GOV Department, e.g., DWP (Department Work and Pension), 
     HRMC (Self Assessment Tax)
*    Cowcoy Workers who delivered a service not as advertised

PC Scams / Smart Devices issues Include Issues such as:-

  • Yon Responsive Apps Packages - could be hit by Virus / Malware

  • Plug & Play USB Devices - again could be hit by Virus / Malware Infection

  • Old Tech - struggling for speed and support could be left open to virus, ransomware and Malware infections

Quatro Sliding Scales of Scams:-

  • You think you might have found an online scam

  • You've been scammed online

  • You want to report an online scam

  • You're acting on behalf of someone who's been scammed online

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