Service 4 -GDPR & Data Protection Adherence

Are you or your company Marthering and Arthuring on how to deal / comply with GDPR, Data Protection legislation rules, also complying with professional standards such as ISO 9000 then we can make you Heroes in your field.


I can advise on the following GDPR related concerns along with services provided by us - "Business Consultancy - Service 10- " using role of GDPR & Business Consultancy Interaction Designer to contribute to my clients ambition to deliver better, faster solutions around the needs of users.

  • Principles of GDPR including lawfulness, fairness and transparency with advice on how to accurately store and use data, and how to remove old obsolete data

  • Advice to individuals / small business including template on how to ascertain from companies
    information held about person / small company and their rights such as, Rights of Access, Rights to Rectification, Right to erasure to name a few.

  • Advising you / your business of adherence rules for processing data effectively, safely and accountability
    including compliance and awareness of Special categories in line with appropriate UK & EU GDPR laws, e.g., Data Protection Laws, etc

  • GDPR adherence and creating bespoke policies and signage such as posters + compliance
    to ISO standards such as ISO 9000 family of set of quality management systems standards is designed to help Organisations ensure that they meet the needs of customers

  • Most Importantly adherence and advice on ISO 27001 - Information Security Management 

Some examples of ISO Rules / Practices:-

  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management, 

  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management,

  • ISO 45001 - Occupational Health

  • ISO 27001 - Information Security Management

How I can Help You ?

Showing / Creating Bespoke guides / Thesis / Advice knowledge transfer in how to meet your requirements to GDPR including minimal requirements, having procedure and staff to cover Data controllers and Data processors

My Business aim is to seek out opportunities for change and improvement, and to support services to work in smarter, more focused ways and most importantly avoid Costly Law Suits, criminal action such as:-

  • Avoiding Such dangers as violation of UK, EU, America and Asia relevant data protection law/s

  • Avoiding issues as being Involved in Market Manipulation (Several European Corporate Companies have been found guilty of being in breach of EU Anti competition law/s)

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