Service 3 - Installation / Upgrade / Deletion of Software & Apps...

Are you in the unknown on how to Install Software Programs / Packages or Apps on your PC, Mobile, Tablet and Smart Device

including Iphone, Android then we can help you to install, optimise and use to get most out of your new APP / Package on your device/s.

Then look no further than me - No Job too big or too small.

|My Typical approach is as follows:-

  • Making sure that necessary system requirements are met and yours

  • Ascertaining which PCs / Mobiles you would like use to install and optimise the Apps on

  • Checking for existing versions of the software and making sure you are notified of any upgrade charges that Vendors will charge for the Software / App

  • Make sure you are notify whether the APP is an on-off purchase or a subscription based APP (where a monthly / yearly charge is chargeable for use of the APP )

  • Can suggest freeware or Open Source Apps / Programs that may facilitate most / core key components of your requirements

  • Creating or updating program files and folders

  • Showing you how to use the newly installed APP - overall or in depth (* further research may be needed by myself in this task and in most cases this will not be charged).

Services that may be required in Software / APP Installation.

  • Adding configuration data such as configuration files, Windows registry entries or environment variables

  • Making the software accessible to the user, for instance by creating links, shortcuts or bookmarks

  • Configuring components that run automatically, such as daemons or Windows services

  • Performing product activation

  • Updating the software versions

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