Service 8 - Cyber / Physical / Procession Safety

Cyber Safety

Cyber safety helps to avoid those risks but also helps to protect against their consequences, because it is impossible to avoid all hazards. Even when someone complies with all customary security requirements, they could still become the target of an attack.  

As part of this Service of Cyber Safety I can help you / guide you on keeping individuals / Small Businesses / Corporate Companies safe (or Safe as possible) from being at risk of Identity being cloned, critical information falling in wrong hands, falling victim to con people, criminals, etc.

  •         Stay Safe - Online Accounts / Emails / Social Media Banking and Don't get caught out by the hacker & other undesirables.

  •         Any task, web page, form that you are stuck on then I can help you to find necessary information / guide to assist you.

  •         Safe Internet Surfing and adherence to local / regional and government / EU laws including Child & Young Adult Safety

  •         Personal Safety  / Scam Awareness (Online Security, Social Media, Facebook Dangers Children, DarkWeb)

Personal / Home Safety Measures

  •         Home Safety and be Street Wise - Personal safety measures and advice

  •         Advice on keeping expensive belongings safe such as Cars -

  •         In addition advising on Home measures - such as potential gaps in security, possibly identifying ways around installed security

  •         Researching on best devices / techniques to keep you and your Expensive Belongings (cars, homes, etc) safe

Note: In matters relating to security - please check my research / information and it is advisable to seek secondary opinion / advice

My Skill Set and Areas of Expertise Include:-

  • ·       Security Compliance

  • ·        Tutoring & Support 

  • ·        Have successfully worked with all sorts of clients in our working life -

  •           Dealing with Individual sole owners, small businesses and large corporations on a 1-1, 1-many basis.

  • ·        Patience and Compassionate

  • ·        Friendly and Professional Can Do Attitude

  • ·        Have successfully worked successfully with both able bodied people, disabled and also working / people with learning disabilities

  • ·        No Job too Big nor Too Small

  •          Confidence and Competent

  • ·        Excellent Written, illustration and verbal Communication Skills.

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Disclaimer 2: NO Commercial Sharing Without agreement / approval from all interested parties involved in any linked documents and articles

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