Service 2 - Installation & Optimisation of Digital Devices

Are you in the unknown on how to Install Digital  and Smart Devices or how to use them - simply getting by / running the device and to get the most out of these then we can help you at any stage - No Job too big or too small.

As Technical devices get more and more complex / automated then the corresponding Instructions (Often online or on disk) can in quite lot of situations be difficult to understand - I am here to help you.

Typical Devices


  • PC (Personal Computer) / Laptops

  • Smart Phones

  • Smart Tablets

  • Smart TV 

  • Game Consoles

  • Camcorders

  • Cameras

  • GPS Devices such as Sat Navs & GPS Navigation Systems

  • Smart Watches / Fitness Devices.

  • Smart / control equipment in Cars, Vans, etc

Smart Security

  • ​Advice on Smart Security Devices (Internal and External Doorbells, Cameras, Night Light, etc)

Additional Devices

  • - Domestic Appliances (Washing Machine, Cooker, Tumble Dryer, Vacuum Cleaner, Amplifier system, e.g., Dyson AM04) which

  •     item should I upgrade to / can you fix an issue I have got.


Anything Else.

Anything else that is Smart / Digital / Electronic we can look at the issue, research the issue and then come back with a viable solution to any query.

My Typical approach is as follows:-

  • Making sure that your needs are understood in what you need to succeed in your digital journey

  • Ascertaining which devices you need help with

  • Carry out Pre-visit research on the Digital Devices in Question.

  • Make sure you are notify of any charges for potential upgrades / additional purchases for the Digital Devices in Question

  • Showing you how to use the newly purchased / upgraded Digital Device

  • Carry out post-visit research to assist you further - if required / asked by yourself as a client.

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Disclaimer 2: NO Commercial Sharing Without agreement / approval from all interested parties involved in any linked documents and articles

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