Service 1 - Digital Buddy and Coach (P1)

As part of this Service as "Digital Buddies / Coaches & Guides "  we can help you in your ever evolving / or new Digital Journey in how to understand, enjoy your use of Digital Devices, Browsers, Apps and other related Technical / Smart technology queries in the following areas:-

  •         Working with Digital Devices such as PC, Mobiles, Smart Tables, Smart Electronics such as TV, Cameras, Camcorders,

  •         Trouble Shooting when Smart Devices go Wrong - Example Smart TV ( going wrong, not working and difficulty in understanding Instructions)

  •         Filling out offline, online forms both electronic and printed

  •         Completing and understanding online forms / applications - such as UK GOV, Insurance, Banking, Local Government / Council

  •         Photographer & Art Design Buddy (See Service 9)

  •         Stay Safe - Online Accounts / Emails / Social Media Banking and Don't get caught out by the hacker & other undesirables.

  •         Help with Dissertations, Assignments and Home Work for Junior, High School, College and University Level

  •         Business Advice and guidance.

  •         Any task, web page, form that you are stuck on then I can help you to find necessary information / guide to assist you.

Site Safety Help - Cyber Safety (Please See Service 8)

  •         Safe Internet Surfing and adherence to local / regional and government / EU laws including Child & Young Adult Safety

  •         <SNIP> 

Business Ideas and Help to Succeed Going Forwards.

  •         Any help I can provide individuals (ideas) in UC applications, using the system, claims, completing online journals, applying for roles,

  •         Re-pitching CV / Resume               And Online presence then I can help to promote yourself and your business.

  •         Listening to new business ideas / progression of companies through challenging times and Business Plans + talk "Elevator Help / 

  •         Pitch - Marketing"... (*)

Problem Solver

  • ·       Problem Solver - Listening to problems, giving impartial advice and assistance - 3rd Party specialists / service likely to be                       recommended in conjunction to any personas / sensitive business issues.

Business Regulations and Promotion.

  •         Keeping safe of Business Rules, Regulations, / Laws  (Sole Trader, Limited Company and Mid-Large Corporations)

  •         Business / Sole Trader Promotion / Advice (Retail High Street / Online ) 

  •         Digital Transformation and Internet of Things (IoT) - including Blockchain & Bitcoins (Staying Safe)

Please Read T&C / Covid Restrictions

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© Copyright 2020 - (DLTP) David L Thomas Professional  - Over 20 Years IT, Business, Security And Imaginary Experience

Disclaimer 1 :- Services is based on providing honest support and guidance assisting individuals and Business in their  Digital journey.
Disclaimer 2: NO Commercial Sharing Without agreement / approval from all interested parties involved in any linked documents and articles

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